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Cynthia Zhai

What makes you come alive?

I live a life of aliveness because I'm on a mission.

Life is too short to waste our time doing things we don't love and doing things that do not give us a purpose.

I was not always crystal clear about my life's mission.

When I was in college, I was depressed. I didn't know what my life's purpose was and I found life was meaningless. For the first time I wrote a letter to my dad crying for help. My dad shared something he read and it went something as, "You are the same person in five years except for the books you read and the people you meet."

Later on I learned that it was a quote by Charlie "Tremendous" Jones. That quote changed my life. I started to immerse myself into books and attend different events to meet interesting people. It was from the books and the people that I was inspired to realize what made me come alive, and that is to help other people fulfil their potential.

And the tool to help me help other people fulfil their potential is voice. Over the years, the more I help other people and the deeper I dive into my work, the greater responsibility I take on to increase the recognition of the human voice in our society and touch more people to experience the power of the voice in themselves and to the world.

I'm thankful that you have found me and given me the possible opportunity to support you in your journey to live a life of aliveness, purpose and mission.


If you are curious of whom I have supported and in what way that I've helped them, read on to find out.

If we have to give me a title, I'm a Voice Coach, Speaker and Author. I have helped Executives and Professional Speakers to develop their powerful voice that holds the room, engages and inspires people to embrace change and take action. Some of the high-profile clients I've worked with incl. Simultaneous Interpreter for G8 Leaders Summit, a governmental forum attended by the heads of government.

I love speaking. It is another thing that makes me come alive, despite of being a happy introvert. 😉 I had the privilege to have spoken in 3 continents 12 countries/places, including United States, Finland, The Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, India, Brunei and The Philippines. I was fortunate enough to have appeared in Unites States Discover Your Talent Show 2 times, Singapore National Radio Program 938Live 4 times,Hong Kong Radio 3 and Malaysian Business Radio BFM as a guest speaker on Voice.

I have spoken to more than 8,000 audience members across industries, from the world’s top MNCs as Google Asia Pacific, HSBC Singapore, Procter & Gamble International Operations Southeast Asia Singapore Branch, to Government bodies as British High Commission Singapore, Singapore Air Force. Her audience members vary from senior executives to sales professionals, from scientists to soldiers, from trainers, teachers to college professors, and many more.

I was a news-broadcaster at school radio station during her study in high school and university. I was personally trained by Actress and former New York’s No. 1 Radio Personality Valerie Smaldone. I was trained in singing. She’s constantly invited as a judge for community singing competitions.


I hope you now have some ideas about me. I'd love to get to know you and see if I'll be able to support you. You can schedule a 45-min Voice Breakthrough Session with me where I'll get to know you more, understand your challenges and your desires, and find out if we are a good match.

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