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Skype Coaching

Voice Coaching

  • 6 – 8 sessions, each session is 45 minutes to one hour.
  • Face-to-face coaching when Cynthia is around your area!

Will Skype Coaching work?

What will you learn?

  • Improve your vocal image to sound more polished, professional, and powerful
  • Project a clear, confident, and credible voice
  • Develop a fuller, richer, more resonant and more mature voice
  • Find your optimum pitch and signature voice
  • Say goodbye to soft-spoken, squeaky, and immature voice
  • Eliminate nasality and be taken seriously
  • Increase your volume properly without shouting
  • Control your speaking speed
  • Speak with life and color and overcome monotone so as to keep your listeners engaged
  • Speak with authority and command respect
  • Reduce tension in every part of you
  • Deep Breathing techniques to produce a quality voice
  • Speak for hours without feeling hoarse
  • Gain new insights about yourself in discovering your voice

Presentation / Public Speaking Coaching

4 sessions, each session is 1- 2 hours.

What will you learn?

  • Connect with your audience instantly
  • Connect both emotionally & intellectually with your audience
  • Craft your thoughts into a clear & persuasive presentation
  • Open with a BANG & close with impact
  • Avoid audience-disconnecting mistakes
  • Create your own examples & stories to illustrate your point
  • Develop your own humor
  • Harness the power of your body languages and voice
  • Deliver with power and persuasion
  • Use PowerPoint as a valuable tool, not a crutch
  • Improve audience buy-in for your point of view and take action
  • Find your own speaking style

Hear successful stories from Cynthia’s clients:

The reason why I decided to try Skype coaching is, because it seemed to be very convenient way to get taught. After doing it for already three months, it is working well for me. In each of the Skype sessions Cynthia have given me exercises to practice. Sometimes in my personal practices at home, I am not sure if I do my work correctly and I wrote her an email. The support from Cynthia is very good. Within 2 days I can be sure to get a personalized answer from her that kept my practice moving forward. After three months of working with Cynthia I can say, that I habitualized correct breathing. I learned to speak with more interest, which makes my stories very real. I also improved clarity. People understand me better.

Stefan N., Client @ Austria

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