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You have a powerful message that you yearn to share with the world, or you are yet to see the power behind your message that carries the potential to change the world. You want to uncover the power and potential in both you and your message so you can speak on a global stage and make an impact in the world.


Watch client's before vs after voice transformation

Watch client's before vs after voice transformation

Your patience with my 82 years has been remarkable... My recordings... have improved tremendously. Dear Cynthia, Thank you for coaching an old codger like me to speak better by breathing better. Your patience with my 82 years is remarkable, your skill, undoubted and your humor, enchanting. You are a clever and excellent teacher. As a Terrific Mentor U don't say that often! I am being very good and breathing as you taught me. My recordings of my Terrific Mentors International Daily Paradox articles have improved tremendously.

John Bittleston, CEO @ Terrific Mentors Internaional

Cynthia is very professional and communicates well. Her voice control is astounding. The sessions equipped me with the ability to calm down during hectic moments. It raised my awareness of how to relax and focus on breathing correctly and effectively, realizing to master simple technique of breathing all the way to and from the abdomen is ever so challenging.

Pam Hu, Director of Quality Service @ Media Development Authority

Cynthia is able to identify my areas of improvement. She is patient to guide me through the sessions and have me see the improvement I wanted. I can feel the voice after the sessions is more powerful and gave me a sense of higher confidence in leading people.

David Ng, Vice President @ SingTel

Before working with Cynthia, my voice was soft – people often told me I was hard to hear and very quiet. I also felt my voice was flat and uninteresting. My voice evolved considerably through working with Cynthia – I learned proper breathing, resonance and intonation that has made my voice stronger and more interesting. I can now present to larger groups without a microphone. I am very happy with my progress and would strongly recommend Cynthia as a voice coach.

Carl Ward, Managing Director @ Accenture

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Ms Cynthia Zhai as a professional Voice Coach. As an experienced presenter myself, I continue to look to improve on my presenting skills, and Cynthia’s hands on coaching has started me on the journey to develop a true Full Voice both in presentations, work situations and social occasions. She is in my own opinion, one of the most engaging and insightful presenters I’ve encountered, and anyone interested in learning effective presenting or communication skills should attend her courses or seminars.

Conrad Lim, Managing Director and Regional General Counsel @ European Bank based in Singapore

Cynthia has a very engaging style and is friendly. She gave practical instructions and good examples. She is flexible to our needs. Very very professional. Fantastic experience! The information I learned will help me with clarity of speech, less nervousness, more engaging in presentations and more credibility. Thanks, Cynthia!

Ravi Sahi, Regional Director @ ESI International

Cynthia listens to participants and uses their input in the training. Well done in managing negative behaviors of some participant. The most valuable pointers are breathing, developing optimum pitch and resonant voice.

Andrew Calvert, Solution Architect @ Informa

I first met Cynthia a few years back and when she explained her work with voice it intrigued me but I was too sure of myself. I was certain that I didn’t need it. As time went by I realized that voice training was something I could benefit from in my professional life. Today, I am far away from having completed the work on my voice and so far I have gained bundles of positive results, not only for my ‘office hours’. Alongside with training myself to reach my full voice, I learned to slow down and actually listen. Listen to the world around me including myself. It brings quality into practically everything I do. I like to think of ‘slow’ as the new ‘fast’.

Yelena K., General Manager @ GBS

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