A Lasting Way to Transform Your Voice


“So if I do this exercise, I’ll get a powerful voice eventually, right?”

This, or similar questions as, “If I do A, I’ll get B, right?” “If I do meditation, I’ll eventually get peace, right?”, has been a common thought pattern in my clients and audiences.

We wish it could be that linear.

The linear thinking pattern is so misleading and damaging.

“If I do A and I don’t get B, I’d be frustrated and start to question my capability and competence.”

“If I do A and I don’t get B, I’ll keep trying like what in the motivational posters says, ‘Never give up.’ or ‘Persevere.’ or ‘Be resilient.'”

Life is not always linear. Growth is not linear. Change is not linear.

We’ve been so conditioned into our left brain and stuck in the head. As a result, we want instant gratification and do give up easily when things are not happening the way we wanted.

I encourage you to embrace all possibilities of growth.

Voice transformation is especially so. It’a process as growing a seed. 🌱  Plant your seed, water it, loosen up the soil, give it sunshine and one day it’ll grow in ways that surprise you. 🌳

The lasting transformation in your voice is to focus on the process, that is, to relax your body to be open and easy to generate sound, and you’ll meet with your best voice as a result.

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