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Are you NOT accepting yourself?


Are you not accepting yourself?

Most of my clients came to me for a powerful voice that’ll boost their career advancement or business growth.

On the surface, it’s the voice problem that’s holding them back.

The deeper we work, the more I realized there was a common sense of rejection of themselves,

 “I’m not good enough.”

 “Who and who is doing better than I am.”

 “I need to get this fixed.”

 “I should have been …”

I’d often pause and ask, “Do you realize you are not accepting yourself?”

Accepting yourself does not mean you stop learning or growth.

Learning and growth is for the purpose of acquiring the skills needed to serve others, not for the purpose of fixing the “broken” 💔 part of you.

We were all born perfectly imperfect.

Accepting yourself is to accept all of you, the perfect and the so-called imperfect part. ❤️

🌟 Only when you can accept yourself for who you are, can you grow with deep and strong root.

🌟 Only when you accept yourself, can you stop comparing with others and feeling bad about yourself.

🌟 Only when you accept yourself, can you serve your purpose for this life on this planet.

May we all accept ourselves for who we are and serve our purposes. 🙏🙏


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