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An Introvert’s Guide to Speaking up and Being Visible

If you are an introvert, you are great at communicating one-on-one or to small groups. But when it comes to bigger groups, you’ll get nervous, miss your opportunities to speak up, get talked over or cut off, get passed over for promotion … the list can go on.

How did I know it so well?

Not only because some of my clients are introverts, but also because I am one, through and through, something that I’ve never doubted, even though I’ve been speaking professionally around the world. Being an introvert is also something that I’m proud of.

What? Yes. You’ll find out how you can be proud of yourself as an introvert and how you can speak up to be heard and seen.


Too see is to believe.

As an introvert, you don’t want to draw attention. Being visible is something that you try to avoid. Ironically, if you want to be taken seriously, be promoted or grow your business, you must be visible. To see is to believe. If others don’t see you speak up or visible, they won’t believe that you are capable or confident.


How to get comfortable to be visible?

Visibility is vital to your career and business.

The challenge is, how do you get comfortable to be visible?

You may have heard people say, “Oh, just get over it.” Or, “Do it more often and you’ll get comfortable.”

Those people do not understand the struggle of introverts and that’s why their advice is useless.

As a die-hard introvert, I can tell you that even after almost 20 years of experience in public speaking, every time after rocking on stage, I still need time of “disappearance”, where I stay away from people to recuperate from the overwhelming visibility. The duration of the time that I need is getting shorter and shorter over the years but never completely gone.



What has helped me and my students is not to just get over it, but the following principles.

  • Get to the root of your fear of visibility

Being an introvert is not the fundamental reason that caused the fear of visibility.

It goes much deeper than that.

Having been raised by a dominant parent, my father, who’s volatile and with unpredictable temper, I had learned to be invisible around him and at home. That survival strategy didn’t serve me however later on in my career. In fact, it was my biggest stumbling block to career advancement and I had to learn the hard way.

It was not until I had the realization, being visible equaled to being in danger, that I started to make breakthroughs in my career.

What’s your deepest fear of being visible?

If the root cause is not found, you’ll never cure the symptom.


  • Understand speaking up is never about you

“What will they think of me?”

“Is what I’ll say worth bringing up?”

“What if I didn’t say it perfectly?”

“Why would they listen to me?”

These thoughts share a common patten and that is, it puts too much pressure on you and all that you can think of is you!

The purpose of speaking up is not to be heard, to be seen or to be visible.


When you follow the purpose of you being heard, seen or visible, you’ll unavoidably wonder if you’ll be heard, how you’ll be received and what others will think of you.

Instead, the purpose of you speaking up is to make a contribution to the discussion and help move things forward.


  • Become the voice of leadership

The world does not need another follower. It needs another leader, someone who takes charge and leads the change.

When you are the voice of leadership, you see speaking up as necessary and visibility as your responsibility.

When you are the voice of leadership, you start to come out of your cocoon of introversion.

When you are the voice of leadership, you stand for something that’s much bigger than yourself.


As an introvert, you are insightful. The world needs to hear the insight you have that can make a difference. The world is waiting for you to step out of your shadows. And the world is calling you to speak up with your unique voice. Are you ready to answer the call?


If you are tired of trying to figure out on your own and are ready for change in your career or business, to speak up, be heard and be seen, click HERE to apply for a complimentary Voice Breakthrough Session with me and see if we are a good fit to work together.



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