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Are You Not Being Heard in Meetings or Discussions?

Do you find difficulty being heard in meetings or discussions?

It may be your voice is too soft, your voice is not confident, or you are too nervous …

You know you have great insights, tremendous value and in-depth knowledge to contribute. Somehow, in meetings and discussions you find it is hard to find a window to participate and express your points of view. Even when you finally are able to jump in, your voice is drown in the loud voices of other’s and they don’t even notice you said something. Raising your voice to be heard is the last thing on your mind.

Sometimes when you do speak up, you are too nervous and your voice starts to tremble or your throat gets tight. This is so embarrassing and discouraging, you don’t even want to speak up in meetings and discussions any more. After a while, you start to wonder if people question your competence because you never had anything to say.

You may have been in your line of work for years and have tons of experience, but your voice doesn’t reflect that, just because you are not speaking up or not sounding confident. Some people in your organization have much less experience than you do, but because they seem to be eloquent and people regard them as more experienced.

You may be an introvert and you think that plays a big part. That doesn’t have to be the case. Look at all the eloquent introverts in the world, for example, Barack Obama, Elon Musk.

You can be an outgoing introvert. I’m a happy outgoing introvert. There are so many virtues of introverts that I’m proud of. The key is not to use introvert as an excuse not to change.

You can change your voice to sound confident and powerful. You can speak up to be heard, command attention and gain respect. You can fulfil your desires and aspirations, be it to become an inspirational speaker or speak on TEDx stages.

If you want to speak with a voice that reflects your competence and confidence, and if you want to live your desires and aspirations in reality not in dreams, I’d love to champion for you.

You can schedule a complimentary 45-min Create Breakthroughs for Your Voice session with me. Together we’ll discuss what your desires and aspirations are, what your current challenges are, what might be stopping you from moving forward and what your next steps are. You’ll leave the session with great clarity knowing exactly what’s needed to be done.



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