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Are YOU the bottleneck for your growth?


In my 10 years of running my business, it was easier, relatively, in the first 3-5 years. As long as I applied the marketing tools and strategies, I saw business growth.


After that, every next level that I wanted to grow into, I realized, “I” became the problem. It was no longer about the tools and strategies.


It was me who became the bottleneck for my business growth. It was that realization and the learning that led to the transformation that kept me and my business grow.


And, the up-leveling doesn’t stop. Every new level, there’s a new devil.


In my 10 years of being an entrepreneur, I have grown 10 times more than the previous 20 plus years of growth in total. (How many years “plus” would not be the focus for today 😆😂)


It is not to recommend you to become an entrepreneur. It is to invite you to think about, are you the bottleneck for your career or business growth? 🤔🤔


Don’t end up like my clients, who waited until they lost the promotion or business opportunity that they realized they were the bottleneck to their career and business growth.


When we reach a certain stage, it is no longer about the tools, strategies, or skills. It is about you who is limiting your growth to the next level.


If your voice is limiting your growth to the next level, let’s talk. Apply for a complimentary Voice Breakthrough session with me HERE.



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