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The Live-Your-Dream Myth

I’m constantly moved by clients who share their big dreams with me.

One client wanted to speak on TEDx stage one day because she knew she had a big message to share with the world.

One client wanted to inspire the world with his voice, a voice that’s both literal and metaphorical.

One client wanted to go into politics and make fundamental changes in a society through his voice.

One client wanted to bring peace and healing through her voice to those who were wounded because she started to understand what she wanted to teach was what she needed healing the most.

The stories could go on and on…

I remember I had had a dream, a dream that one day I could create a ripple effect through helping people around the world fulfill the potential in their voices so they could influence more people.

I’m living my dream, thanks to my clients.

I’m living a dream that’s beyond my dreams, a dream that helps others fulfill their dreams.

How beautiful it is to live your dream.

How beautiful it is to put yourself all in to fulfill your dreams.

When you get crystal clear on what you dream is and put yourself all in, the universe will start to conspire for you.

It is a bumpy ride on the way to your dream.

In a world that’s full of choices and interruptions, it is a trap to tell yourself, “Oh it didn’t work. Maybe it’s not my dream” then move on to chase the next shiny object.

It is easy to give up. It is easy not to let yourself down. It is not easy to keep focused on your dream in this distraction-filled world.

The journey to your dreams is a journey of fears and doubts.

The journey to your dreams is a whole lot easier when there’s someone who cheers you on and champions for you.

The journey to your dreams is a whole lot easier when there’s someone who tells you what works and what doesn’t.

“Don’t die with the music still in you.”

You are here to live a life without regret.

You are here to live your dream.

You are here to influence more people.

You are here to be an innocent child who still holds the belief in their dreams, not to be a grumpy old pessimist.

If you’ll allow, I’d be your champion and cheerleader, walking side by side with you on your journey to your dreams.

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