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Executive Voice Coaching

Develop Your Leadership Voice

“I need my voice to sound powerful and project a successful and respectable leadership image at any given situation!”

Who You Are

You are a senior executive. You communicate well and are respected by your staff to a certain extent. This is built on the fact that people have known you for a while. As a leader of your organization, you need to constantly meet new people, speak in various occasions and address to different groups, and the way you sound is crucial. You want to sound powerful and persuasive the moment you open your mouth to speak. You want to sound calm and in control even under stress or when you get emotional. You want to sound as a successful leader that your staff can look up to.

What Your Challenges Tend to Be

You want to have a stronger and more powerful voice that can command attention and convey your passion, a voice that projects the image of a successful leader to whom people look up, and a voice that motivates and inspires people. You know you lack something in the sound of your voice but can’t figure out what it is.

You want to sound calm, confident and authoritative at all situations, especially under stress or in the first few minutes of your speech. Unfortunately, it seems your voice always works against you. You feel the tightness in your throat, your voice may tremble a bit, or you start to speak like rapid firing. You try to hide the fact that your voice is failing you, without the right technique, however, your voice gets worse and sometimes you find your breath couldn’t catch up.

At times, you speak fast and try to get your message out quickly. Your staff has difficulty catching up with you and the result they give you frustrates you. You tried to remind yourself to slow down but after a few minutes your voice runs back to the fast lane. You wonder if there’s ever an effective way to slow down your speech rate.

When you get emotional or address a bigger group, lack of technique in proper projection, you end up shouting which irritates people and affects your image.

If you are a female leader, you find your voice is too weak to get people’s attention and the respect you deserve. People don’t show as much interest in your perspective as in the male leaders’. If you are a female leader with a high-pitched voice, it’s even more frustrating. Your find people turn off very quickly. And your staff is afraid of you because your high-pitched voice always sounds like scolding them.

What You Need Most Right Now

The first step to building up your stronger, more powerful and persuasive voice, making your voice work for you in any situation and solving all the voice problems you may have, is to find out what you don’t know. You need to know what it is that the sound of your voice is lacking, what mistakes you are making and how you can fix them to develop a voice that you have desired. You need someone to help you change the sound of your voice to make it stronger and bring you to another higher level of confidence as a leader.

The Voice Program that’ll get you the result is:

Powerful Executive Voice System

This system is specifically designed to develop your powerful & persuasive voice. It’s a 6-week step-by-step process, with each week 1-1.5 hours’ session.

Here’s the 5-step System that’ll get you the results:

  • Release the tension that prohibits you from projecting a powerful voice
  • Breathe properly to lay the foundation for a powerful voice
  • Develop resonance to unleash the real power in your voice
  • Harness the power of resonance to manage your voice in different situations
  • Feel what you say to convey conviction

See transformation from Cynthia’s Client:

What did the Organizers & Participants say?

Cynthia was very engaging. I didn’t feel it’s one hour! The tips are very simple to apply. Cynthia’s time management is very good.

Serene Sim, Assistant HR Director @ Resort World Sentosa

In the talk- Build up Your Vocal Presence at Microsoft, Cynthia was very engaging. You could hear a pin drop when she started speaking. Good use of pausing to make an impact.

Tija Wilson, Senior G&A Platforms Manager @ Microsoft

We had Cynthia as our speaker recently. She’s passionate about Voice and her session is very entertaining to the audience! The session is valuable to anyone in the corporate world.

Venugopal Pavadai, QHSE Manager @ Weatherford Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Hi Cynthia, it was great attending your talk on Harness the Power of Your Voice today at EDC@SMCCI. I learnt quite a few new things. Contents of your program were meaningful to bring awareness to power of voice. Your delivery of the topic was excellent – not a single dull moment!

Suresh Shah, Professional Trainer & Coach @ Pathfinders Enterprise

I thoroughly enjoyed the session and was fully impressed by Cynthia’s command of the subject matter. She’s engaging and entertaining as well.

Chris Wingo, Managing Director @ China Sage Consultants (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Cynthia spoke at our CAPEP Women’s Petrotech Leadership Program with the topic “Find Power in Your Voice”. It was a fantastic session. She has a strong presence and was able to captivate the audience. The session was very informative and effective, and the participants took away practice techniques to improve their voices.

Julia Martin, Transition Manager @ Chevron Australia

We had Cynthia speak on Build up Your Vocal Presence for Thinking Women’s Group Singapore. She was to put it simply, excellent. All the feedback was positive, and everyone was thrilled with her excellent presentation skills and that she provided a practical approach to improve our speaking quality and ability. Cynthia was so good, we held her session again and this time it was also excellent. Cynthia is a highly professional person who obviously knows her work and how to transfer knowledge and experience.

Jennifer Dignam, Head of Human Resources @ Tanker Pacific Management

Cynthia spoke in Singapore at our iStartup program for entrepreneurs. Her topic was ‘Pitch Your Story with a Powerful Voice’. I’m impressed not only by her expertise, but also by her strong presence as a speaker and her beautiful use of the stage to illustrate her points clearly. She’s able to grab the audience, hold their attention, make them laugh and leave them with practical tools to improve their impact with more skillful use of their voice. I’d recommend her to executives and organizations that would like to improve their speaking skills and increase their impact.

Bill Recheit, Managing Director @ Garage Technology Ventures