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Presentation Training

Present with Power and Persuasion


Presentation is not to stand in front of a group and talk them through your PowerPoint slides. Presentation requires you to be present, authentic and influential. It is not only to present your ideas clearly and engage the audience / participants throughout, but also stir reflection, motivate learning and inspire them to take action, be it to accept your ideas or take a next step.

Can you successfully convey what you want to and need to convey without being misinterpreted and misunderstood? Is your speaking style work for you in engaging and motivating your audience? Is your intention and personality aligned with your speaking style? Not everyone can present to move people into action with willingness and enthusiasm.

This workshop focuses on the essence of an engaging & motivating presentation through structure, content and delivery, and equips you with techniques & skills to convey a strong message, engage your audience and move them into action.


  • Connect with your audience and captivate their attention instantly
  • Master the key factors of an engaging & motivating presentation
  • Craft your thoughts into a clear and motivating presentation
  • Convey a strong message and move people to action with enthusiasm
  • Engage your audience both emotionally & intellectually
  • Deliver with power and persuasion
  • Adopt powerful body languages that help you project authority and presence
  • Harness the power of your voice to maximize your impact
  • Manage nervousness to make confidence part of you


One or two days(customisable)


This training is packed with practical activities, pair and group work, video analysis, and interactive presentations set in a fun and safe learning environment. Participants will be prepared to participate fully in role plays and discussions that allow for immediate application.

What did our participants say?

Cynthia practiced what she preached, i.e. all of the points on presentation techniques that Cynthia taught were reinforced by observing her presentation style.

Joe, Geophysicist @ CCGVeritas

This is one of the best presentation trainings I’ve ever attended. A lot of information was covered in a very short time frame effectively. Cynthia was a very experienced educator who controlled the class effectively.

Yong, Senior Project Manager @ CGGVeritas

Cynthia has a very engaging style and is friendly. She gave practical instructions and good examples. She is flexible to our needs. Very very professional. Fantastic experience! The information I learned will help me with clarity of speech, less nervousness, more engaging in presentations and more credibility. Thanks, Cynthia!

Ravi Sahi, Regional Director @ ESI International

Cynthia listens to participants and uses their input in the training. Well done in managing negative behaviors of some participant. The most valuable pointers are breathing, developing optimum pitch and resonant voice.

Andrew Calvert, Solution Architect @ Informa

Cynthia is calm and knowledgeable in what she does. She’s flexible in making changes to suit the audience. I always know the importance of breathing from the diaphragm and today I learned how.    

Derek Henson, Master Trainer @ Achieve Global Asia