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Speaking Sessions

Topics On Leadership

  1. Influence through Voice in Times of Uncertainty
  2. Be Heard in a Noisy World
  3. Build up Your Vocal Presence in the Boardroom for Female Leaders

Topics on On Inspiration / Motivation

    1. Make the Impossible Possible
    2. Thrive in Times of Uncertainty


1-2 hours

Hear from Cynthia’s clients:

Cynthia was very engaging. I didn’t feel it’s one hour! The tips are very simple to apply. Cynthia’s time management is very good.

Serene Sim, Assistant HR Director @ Resort World Sentosa

In the talk- Build up Your Vocal Presence at Microsoft, Cynthia was very engaging. You could hear a pin drop when she started speaking. Good use of pausing to make an impact.

Tija Wilson, Senior G&A Platforms Manager @ Microsoft

We had Cynthia as our speaker recently. She’s passionate about Voice and her session is very entertaining to the audience! The session is valuable to anyone in the corporate world.

Venugopal Pavadai, QHSE Manager @ Weatherford Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Hi Cynthia, it was great attending your talk on Harness the Power of Your Voice today at EDC@SMCCI. I learnt quite a few new things. Contents of your program were meaningful to bring awareness to power of voice. Your delivery of the topic was excellent – not a single dull moment!

Suresh Shah, Professional Trainer & Coach @ Pathfinders Enterprise

I thoroughly enjoyed the session and was fully impressed by Cynthia’s command of the subject matter. She’s engaging and entertaining as well.

Chris Wingo, Managing Director @ China Sage Consultants (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Cynthia spoke at our CAPEP Women’s Petrotech Leadership Program with the topic “Find Power in Your Voice”. It was a fantastic session. She has a strong presence and was able to captivate the audience. The session was very informative and effective, and the participants took away practice techniques to improve their voices.

Julia Martin, Transition Manager @ Chevron Australia

We had Cynthia speak on Build up Your Vocal Presence for Thinking Women’s Group Singapore. She was to put it simply, excellent. All the feedback was positive, and everyone was thrilled with her excellent presentation skills and that she provided a practical approach to improve our speaking quality and ability. Cynthia was so good, we held her session again and this time it was also excellent. Cynthia is a highly professional person who obviously knows her work and how to transfer knowledge and experience.

Jennifer Dignam, Head of Human Resources @ Tanker Pacific Management

Cynthia spoke in Singapore at our iStartup program for entrepreneurs. Her topic was ‘Pitch Your Story with a Powerful Voice’. I’m impressed not only by her expertise, but also by her strong presence as a speaker and her beautiful use of the stage to illustrate her points clearly. She’s able to grab the audience, hold their attention, make them laugh and leave them with practical tools to improve their impact with more skillful use of their voice. I’d recommend her to executives and organizations that would like to improve their speaking skills and increase their impact.

Bill Recheit, Managing Director @ Garage Technology Ventures


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