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From Anxiety to Anticipation

  • You are great at communicating one to one, or small groups. But when it comes to big groups, you will get nervous, or even scared.


  • When you have to speak in big groups, you would get worried all the way leading to the presentation day. You secretly wish the presentation would get either postponed or cancelled.


  • During presentation, your voice was trembling and everyone could hear you are nervous. You started to worry that the audience would think of you as lack of confidence and incompetent. If you are a leader, you worry how your team will think of you. The worry gets you even more nervous. This sends you to a downward spiral. You just want to get over your presentation as soon as possible so you start to rush through your presentation and end it with a feeling of embarrassment and disappointment.


  • You start to avoid presentations. You work hard but deep down you know if you want to get to the next level of your career, you have to present in front of people; if you want to persuade people, especially senior management, to approve your proposal, you have to present with confidence and conviction.


  • You work hard but you noticed those who could present well were given the opportunity for promotion. And you were passed over for promotion. You start to wonder whether you should get another certification or degree to prove your value.


  • You believe the fact that you are an introvert is the reason that you are not good at speaking. What you didn’t know is that most successful people are introverts. Introverts can make a great public speaker.


You can become, not only good at, but also excel at speaking in front groups. You just need to know how.


KK had had stage phobia when he came to me. He couldn’t even hear the word, present or presentation. The words would give him chills down his spine. He was crippled with this. He was passed over for the promotion opportunity.

During our working together, he started to feel more and more confident. Before our final session, he had done 2 presentations and were asking his boss, “When is the next presentation scheduled?” He was anticipating the next presentation!

KK is no smarter than you. He had often asked himself, “What’s wrong with me?” He had had sleepless nights with unmanageable fears. His situation had probably been worse than yours. If he could make the huge shift in himself, there’s no reason that you can’t.


Imagine the certainty you’ll have, knowing that in every presentation, you’ll have be able to project a confident voice, engage the audience, and persuade and influence them.


If you are ready to get out of the struggle, frustration and disappointment into confidence, certainty and peace of mind, click HERE to apply for a complimentary session with me to find out whether it’s a good fit for us to work together.



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