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I hear your world in your voice


Your voice holds your world.

Your voice reflects everything about you.

It is not just the tone of your voice. That is the tip of the iceberg.

All the nuances in your mind, emotion and body can be heard in your voice. 🗣🗣

Your drive for perfection, for significance, your frustration, your disassociation from emotion, your anxiety, your ambition, your joy …

When you’ve learned how to listen, you hear a person’s world, including your own.

What’s more, you hear the potential to your breakthrough. 💥💥

There’s an old Chinese saying “闻声识人”, meaning you can understand a person by listening to his/her voice. People in ancient times were wise.

🤔What does your voice reveal about you?

🤔What’s the underlying message that your voice sends out?

🤔Does your voice work for you or against you in your career or business?

🔥Your action to take🔥
Record yourself speaking in daily conversations and listen to your world.
Let me know what you hear!



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