Life Is Suffering


Life is suffering.

That’s the opening of a speech from my client.

He wanted to deliver the speech with a more powerful voice so he could inspire his team.

“Well…” I looked at him upon finishing reading his speech, “If I were to be your team member, I’d feel depressed.”

We both bursted into laughs.

In his speech, he shared 3 stories on how he and his relatives went through their sufferings respectively and how everyone found a way to deal with the suffering.

There is a sense of pessimism, “Well, life is suffering and we have to deal with it.”

First of all, I said, that is a complete misunderstanding on the buddhism saying, “Life is suffering.” It’s taken out of contexts. What Buddha meant was, life is suffering when we are driven by desires, cravings, attachment, etc.. If your premise of the speech is “life is suffering”, no matter how much variation on pace, pitch, volume, melody or rhythm you have in your voice, it’s not gonna inspire people. People are going to be fixated on that depressing misunderstood statement.

Secondly … I continued to share with him on the changes we needed to make in his speech.

This is what happens most of the times. Clients came to me with a speech they had written, “I just need to work on my voice delivery.”

And that’s exactly where the problem is. You can’t add voice delivery into an ill-structured speech, let alone a speech that’s built on a false statement.

With my support, the client changed his speech and delivered with an authentic voice. It was well received. One of his team members had tears in her eyes.


P.S. Life is NOT suffering. Life is fun. Life is hope. Life is joy. Life is possibilities. Life is … What’s your definition on life? I’d love to hear it! Share yours in the comment below!

P.P.S. If you are ready to work on your powerful voice to engage and inspire your audience or team, apply for a consultation with me to see how I can support you.

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