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My First Skiing ⛷Experience: What did I learn about Growth?

Lesson One: the difference between 20 years ago and now

My first and last attempt on winter activities had been 20 years ago, ice-skating. ⛸⛸

I fell so many time and so hard that I hurt my back and I lost interest in any winter activity.

That one attempt was with friends who were good at ice-skating.

They just told me the how and asked me to do it on my own. They never taught me the step by step.

Furthermore, another friend was holding me all the time after I fell so many times and I didn’t get to practice on my own. I think he was on purpose. 😁


I love visiting places with snow during Christmas for my white Christmas complex.

But for the past few years during my white Christmas, I never dared to learn another winter activity.


There was always a deep desire on learning a winter activity, like skiing. ⛷⛷ The ski professionals always look so free and flying high.


So this year, I decided to learn skiing. The scar and scare from 20 years ago were barely there!

Plus, how hard could it be? I was a track and field athlete in schools.


So I joined a beginner’s class in Oak Valley, South Korea in Dec 2018.


I couldn’t believe it! It was easy!


After 2 hours, I could ski as this! 👇👇👇Even I couldn’t believe it! 😱

Showing off my very first ski experience! I made it. Woohoo~~✌️✌️⛷️⛷️🎿🎿

Posted by Cynthia Zhai on Tuesday, 25 December 2018

After the first day, I thought to myself, “How come it felt so easy to me this time?”

And I realized because I had a coach, a girl from Taiwan living in South Korea.

My coach made it so simple and easy. She was professional and encouraging. She pushed me when I hesitated to try out the seemingly scary slopes.

It dawned on me how important a great coach could be!

On that day, it also made me reflect how much I had grown over the years because of my coaches.

We can try our best to figure out on our own. But a coach can see what we couldn’t see and guide us with a clear path. A coach can cut through the noise and chaos and lead us to the solution.

I had wasted my time struggling on my own.

That’s why now whenever I want to learn something, I find a coach. Life is too short to waste a few years of my time struggling.


Lesson Two: Let Go

My skiing coach told me, “Relax! Skiing is relaxation.”

“Oh my god!” I thought, “That’s what I told my clients!” Well, not the skiing part, but replace it with voice projection.

I hadn’t realized how tense I was in skiing.

When I learned to relax, I started to feel like flying before I fell shortly after. 😂

It reminded me of the time when my driving coach told me, “Driving is relaxation.”

It is the golden principle in everything we do, isn’t it?

When we let go of the tension, the holding tight, things flow.


Lesson Three: Intention determines results

My miserably failed ice-skating experience caused me the fear of falling hard and hurting my back in skiing.

I was very careful in the beginning of the skiing experience. My intention was not to fall, “So long as I don’t fall, I’d be good.”

Not to my surprise, I fell even more. 😂Luckily, I learned the proper falling that didn’t cause much pain. Again, the importance of a coach!

Plus, the snow was so soft and thick, all the fallings weren’t painful.

Unfortunately, my fear was bounding me from progressing much.

Not until I realized the falling wasn’t that painful, was I able to become bold and start to progress! And my intention became to have fun.

Intention determines results.

If you are wrapped up in fear and try your best not to fall, you’ll end up not progressing.

If your intention was to have fun, some not-so-painful fallings become fun too!


What do you dare to try next? Share it in the comment!


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