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Take A Stand

Having the confidence to speak up does not guarantee you to be heard.

We are living in a world that’s too noisy and overloaded with information.

There’s nothing we haven’t seen and haven’t heard of. Well, almost.

What is holding you back from taking a stand?

Many of my clients wanted to speak up. When they did speak up, they held back what they really thought. They worried if people would judge them; they worried what people would think of them if their opinions were different; they were afraid to rock the boat.

They prefer to keep different opinions to themselves. They prefer to process different opinions by themselves. They wonder why people couldn’t see their talent and expertise.

No, this is not an Asian thing. From my work with clients in 5 continents, it is more to do with personality than ethnicity. Sure, some cultures are more direct and straightforward. Even in these cultures, there are people who would keep what they think to themselves and dare not to rock the boat.

Some saying finds its place in both East and West.

This saying in western culture, “The highest and most lofty trees have the most reason to dread the thunder”, can be found in the East with an almost exact saying, “树大招风 (Tall trees attract wind).”

This reveals a common fear across cultures, that is, if you stand out, you become a prominent target, a target that’s susceptible to judgement, attack and isolation.

It might be true during the time when our ancestors lived under a rock. If you were to be judged, attacked and isolated, you would literally die.

We want to hear your voice.

Time has changed.

With so much information bombarding us 24/7, we get impatient hearing the same ideas over and over again. Neither do we want to hear a different person repeat the same ideas.

Taking a stand for what you believe in is no longer optional.

You either take a stand or you get drown in the pool of same ideas.

How to take a stand?

Yes, the world craves for fresh ideas and is obsessed with creativity and innovation.

However, taking a stand is not to be different on purpose. It’s not that when the crowd is saying yes and you choose to say no, just to be different. Though some people preach that. That doesn’t align with my value.

Taking a stand is to look within and search for what you believe in and what makes you unique: you; your story, your experience, your struggles, the lessons you learned and everything about you.

If you don’t think you are different or unique, you haven’t gotten to know you well. There’s a you waiting for you to uncover.

Yes, it can be very unsettling getting all the attentions. Tell me about it. I was the one who used to sit at the back corner at meetings and avoided attentions. It was not until I had this revelation. To take a stand is not about you. That’s right. It’s for a bigger purpose. It’s to change the world, one opinion, one person, one meeting, at a time.

You CAN change the world.

When I said, “You can change the world”, what was your response?

“What? Me?”

“What? I never wanted to change the world.”

“Nah, it’s not my thing.”

We always assume changing the world is the job of someone who’s either an expert, or head of a country, or talented.

Malala is changing the world. She’s no expert or head of a country. She started to change the world even before she was officially an adult.

Change the world starts from you taking a stand for what you believe in. Malala changed the world the moment she decided to stand up for what she believed in.

You can change the world, be it that you are an entrepreneur or working for a company. You are at the center of a ripple. You don’t need a big idea to change the world. You need one idea that you strongly believe in. Take a stand and your ripple will expand.


I’d love to support you to find your voice and take a stand. You can work with me by Applying for a Complimentary 45-minute Breakthrough Session.



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