Take the Path of Least Resistance

A client today shared in his 2nd session about his practice on an engaging voice that picks the audience’s curiosity, “I was not born for this. I’ve tried so hard and practiced every day and not much progress.”
I laughed, “You see that’s where the problem is!”
The client looked confused.
I continued, “What was the last point I mentioned the last time?” 😉
… …
“It was to have fun with this practice! You are trying and working so hard. That’s not the way. Developing your engaging voice is a relaxed and fun process. You are treating it so seriously.”
“Yes, that has always been my style. 😅” The client laughed.
“1️⃣First, have fun. Don’t set aside time seriously practicing. Instead, when you walk on the street, when you watch tv, or when you surf the Internet, whatever you see you practice with it.
2️⃣Second, you are intelligent enough to know that change does not happen immediately, let alone your old habits and style that has been with you for, how many years, 50+? 😉
3️⃣Third, see this practice as an experiment. We are trying things out and see how it goes! If it doesn’t work, we’ll try something else to make it work.”
“Phew! Now I feel more relieved.” 🤦‍♂️
We ended up having lots of laughters and experiment in the session. 🎉
This is not just the frustration my client faces. Most people think and live their lives in the same manner,
❌ Change needs to happen right away. If not, it might be because I was not born for this or not good at this at all!
❌ Trying or working so hard to make things happen. It is such a stubborn mindset we were sold to by our society. Rivers never try hard to run to the ocean; neither do sprouts 🌱 try hard to come out of the soil. Instead, they take the path of least resistance, relaxing into growth. 🌳
❌ Life is serious. I’ve come to enjoy life more and more as I have more fun. 💃🏻
Which of the 3 stubborn mindset barriers would you begin to be aware and change, one step at a time? 🤔 Share it in the comment. I’d love to know! 🤩

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