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The Healing Power of the Human Voice

Most people speak with their voices every day but few have paid attention to the impact, positive or negative, of the way they sound on others, and on themselves. Let alone realizing the healing power in their voices.

Imagine that you could heal your past wounds and restore your body to its wholeness just by changing the way you sound, your voice.

Imagine that you could raise the vibration of not only yours but also those around you just by raising your awareness of the way you use your voice.

Imagine that you were the center of the ripples, creating an impact bigger than yourself just by attuning to the sound of your voice.

Voice is power.

Unfortunately, most people have disregarded the power of the human voice and see voice only as a tool to conveying information. Even worse, most people are getting lazy even opening their mouth to use their voice. They either look down at their phones and don’t speak, or use abbreviations if they have to speak.

Voice is vibration.

It engages and connects the whole body. In our success-driven society, most people live in their head. They have disconnected from their body and been disconnected with their whole voice. Their voice never travels down below the neck and is stuck in their head. This disconnection continues its cycle when the disconnected individual interacts with the world. Working on your whole voice helps you reconnect  with your body and restores your wholeness.

Voice is energy.

When you use your voice, there’s a flow of energy going through your body. When your voice is stuck in the head, so is your energy. Working with your whole voice can break through the blockages of energy in your body and restore your health. When energy starts to flow in your body, you attract, not repel, people around you. You create a ripple effect by working with your voice.

Over the years in history, voice was a powerful tool to healing the body, uniting the people and passing on traditions. Since the rise of technologies, where human beings started to resort more on writing than speaking, voice has been marginalized. Voice as a channel to integrate ourselves internally, connect externally and transform lives has been forgotten.

I’m on a mission.

I’m called to help more people in this world uncover the hidden power in their voices so they can heal their own wounds, transform their lives and make a small yet profound difference in our world.

If you are held back by your voice, if you are not speaking your truth, and if you know there’s much more in you than the voice that doesn’t reflect who you truly are, allow me to help you. CLICK HERE to schedule a complimentary breakthrough session where we’ll discover the hidden blocks and fulfill the vast potential in your voice and you.



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