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“The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

How to develop a powerful voice to be heard, be trusted and make a bigger impact that you are meant to make in the world?

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Why does the same message conveyed by two different people produce very different impact?

Most people see voice as just a tool to conveying information. But the same message relayed by you versus another person can produce very different impact because people don’t just listen to the message. People perceive the weight of your message on whether to trust you, or not, based on how you sound.

Your Voice reflects your thoughts, beliefs and conviction to people.

If you look at charismatic leaders, professional speakers or well-respected politicians, most of them, if not all, have gone through voice training. Their voices give people the confidence in what they say and show the congruence of their thoughts and beliefs.

When you train your voice towards your fullest potential, it has the power to motivate and move people. So they said, our voice can start or stop a war, make or break a bond. You can improve your ability to inspire and speak to people’s hearts. You can build trust and create a following, just by improving your voice.

Introducing: Full Voice Training

If you have any of the following problems, or your voice is constantly undermining your competence and confidence, Full Voice Training is for you.

  • Experience a trembling voice, a tight throat, pitch going high or speaking fast in the beginning of your presentations;
  • Sound too young and you feel your voice does not match up with your experience and capability;
  • Have a soft voice and you can’t project your voice to be heard in a bigger room;
  • Sound nasal that doesn’t reflect your competence;
  • Have a high-pitched, sharp or shrill voice that often makes others think that you are angry;
  • Speak too fast and remind yourself constantly to slow down but that hasn’t worked;
  • Experience a sore throat or hoarseness after speaking for a few hours;
  • Don’t have the so-called bass sound;
  • Are often asked to repeat yourself because your voice lacks clarity;
  • Speak with a monotonous voice that you often are afraid of losing your audience.

Your goal is to develop a voice that commands attention and respect and a voice that reflects who you truly are.

A full voice is not about a better-sounding tone or crisper pronunciation. It is a voice that is projected with your full body, sounds rich, takes no effort and does not strain your vocal cords or throat.

You may have heard of Morgan Freeman. His voice is a great example of how a full voice sounds like, authoritative yet pleasant and relaxed. A female example of someone with a full voice would be Louise Hay, who speaks with a voice that is rich, warm and authentic. A full voice is achieved not just from the techniques, e.g. breathing techniques. It is developed with both step-by-step physical processes and the enrichment of your inner self, your personal development.

My mission is to bring back the lost power of voice.

My name is Cynthia Zhai. Over the past 8 years, I have worked with clients from 38 countries across 5 continents, ranging from all industries and all walks of life. I witnessed the transformation, not only in their voices, but also in the way they felt about themselves. Through this experience, I’ve developed a proven process that has helped many professionals build up their confidence and enhance their influence through the power of the voice.

Voice has been marginalized since the rise of technologies that made human beings write more than speaking. Voice as a channel of expression of ideas, emotions and individual identity has been overlooked. More importantly, voice as a tool to transforming our lives has been forgotten.

It is my mission to bring back the lost power of voice in our world and have everyone realize and experience the transformational power of their voices. I hope you’ll not only discover the power in your voice, but also be one of the messengers who pass on the legacy of the human voice.

So What Will You Learn in Full Voice Training?

  • Release the tension that prohibits you from projecting a powerful voice
  • Breathe properly to lay the foundation for a powerful voice
  • Develop resonance to unleash the real power in your voice
  • Harness the power of resonance to manage your voice in different situations
    Feel what you say to convey conviction

Most of all, you’ll learn to experience the lost power of your voice that can change your vibrational frequency through the power of resonance. When you achieve your optimal frequency, you’ll exude confidence, draw people in and influence those around you.

See transformation from Cynthia’s Clients

Hear from our past participants:

Voice coaching is a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

Voice coaching is a once-in-a-Just like learning how to ride a bicycle or swim, once you’ve developed a full voice, your voice will never sound the same again. The goal is to be confident and influential while being natural and authentic.

You don’t need more communication techniques. You need a full voice that matches up to your capability, experience and the value you bring to the world.lifetime investment.



San Francisco / Silicon Valley

Los Angeles

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Once your payment is made, there’s no refund. If you can’t make it for the workshop you registered, you can shift your payment for the next available workshop.
  2. The results may vary based on individual voice condition.
  3. FULL VOICE CONSULTING reserves the right to make necessary changes on the T & C.