What makes a Voice Powerful?


What makes a voice powerful?

This is a question I’m asked frequently.

Or, how does a powerful voice sound like?

When I asked, “Whose voice you like the most?”

Sadly, Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) was often mentioned.

Yes, sadly.

I have no liking or disliking towards him. I respect what he’s achieved.

But if most people think he’s speaking with a powerful voice, that’s very sad.

From an objective perspective on the quality of his voice, it is squeaky, even high-pitched, tense and lacks gravitas.

The reason that most people think his voice is powerful is in his ability to charm and persuade the audience.

And of course, don’t forget what he’s achieved and when he has what most people want, people tend to listen to him.

That is indeed sad, when you think about what most people deem as powerful.

Have you noticed how many twitter followers Dalai Lama has?


And Gary Vee? 2.3M.

Power can lie in stillness, humility, authenticity, innocence, enlightenment, awakening …

Power is the ability to influence that can be in a quiet and inviting manner.

Power is the knowing of your solid ground that’s rooted in equanimity.

You don’t have to be a loud person to project power or influence.

“Influence is when you don’t talk and your words fill the room when you are absent.”

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