Do you speak with a withdrawn voice?


In a recent interview, the host asked me if we could hear in the voice that a person is withdrawn.

The answer is yes.

Voice reflects everything about us. It is vibration and the vibration is susceptible to everything that happens inside us.

One of the key characteristics in a withdrawn voice is the holding of the breaths while speaking, though holding the breaths while speaking can happen to everyone in certain situations, e.g. when getting nervous or stressed out, or when you don’t want to talk to someone and tried to quickly finish the conversation 😉

Breath represents the capacity to take in and give out life. Breath is what powers your voice. When you are withdrawing, it is immediately showing up in your breath and your voice. As a result, people who are withdrawn tend to speak with a voice that’s quiet and sounds tense and withholding.

One of the processes I go through with my clients who are withdrawn is to help them develop full breath and then use the full breath to project their voice. This will help them start to take in and give out life more fully, live more fully and engage with others more fully.

Start observing how you use your breath while speaking and what impression your voice leaves on others.


P.S. If you are ready to work on your voice so you can live a full and engaging life, apply for a consultation with me to see how I can support you.

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