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You Are Loved.

I used to do things all by myself, “Oh, no, thank you. I can do it.”

I was reluctant to ask for help, “What will they think of me? I should be able to figure this out on my own.”

It couldn’t be more obvious that when I needed help, no one was there.

I hadn’t been aware that I was getting in my own way, until I heard this in a training program I attended, “You can’t become yourself by yourself.”

To really bring that saying from my head to heart, it was from the experience I had in a loving community, formed from a training program I attended.

(Yes, by now, you’ve noticed I love to attend training programs.)

In the community, I learned what it took to open up and ask for help. I learned to let people in and ask for support. And guess what, when I needed help, even when I didn’t verbalize it, they were there.

I felt loved. I’m loved.

“You can’t become yourself by yourself.”

It took me years of pain to know that. I vowed to help my students feel supported and loved.

In the programs that I take my clients and students through, there’s always a community, even for one-to-one coaching clients, a community where you’ll be supported and loved; what’s more, a community where you’ll learn how to accept support and love, and how to give support and love.

We are not meant to survive alone. Don’t even mention trying to thrive alone. We are wired to be in groups, especially groups of kindred spirits.

If you are tired of trying to overcome your voice challenges all by yourself, click Here to apply for a complimentary Breakthrough session with me where we’ll find out if we are a good fit and which program and community suits you the best.



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