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You Are Your Voice

You are your voice.
🔰 There are 2 layers to this statement. 🔰
Your voice reflects everything about your current state as the first. 🤫
🗣Your voice is shaped by the environment you were brought up and grow in, family, school, society and work.
🗣Your voice is a mirror of the mental, emotional and physical state you are in.
🌻 There is a hidden layer to your voice, and that is the path for growth, personally, professionally and spiritually.
Where it’s blocked is the potential to unblock it. 🍃
The next time when you listen to your voice, don’t fall into the trap of not liking it.
👂 Listen deeply. Hear the path for your growth that your voice has laid out for you. 🧚‍♀️
🙏🙏When you are ready to unblock your potential and growth, talk with me HERE.



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