Your Content is NOT King until …


Your content is not king until your voice can deliver it like a king.

⚠️ You are knowledgeable in what you do. Your voice doesn’t reflect that. After you speak, no one has much reaction to what you said.

⚠️ Someone else said the same thing as you did, and that person received acknowledgement from almost everyone.

⚠️ You wonder if your content is not powerful enough, if your expertise is not good enough, if you should get another degree or certificate so you can be recognized.

‼️ It is not about another degree or certificate.

‼️ It is about the way your voice delivers what you already have, the powerful content and your expertise.

🔥 When my client Abhi developed his powerful voice, everyone in the audience wanted to hear what he has to say, his boss set up a special position for him as THE Expert in the company, the audience would come up to him expressing their desire to work with him and his company even when he was only one of the 4 panelists … 🔥


👉 If you want your voice to deliver that for you, it’s time to stop what you’ve been trying over and over again that is not working for you; it’s time to stop googling online with contradictory advice that only makes you confused; and it’s time that we talk.


If you are tired of youtube, google, events, courses hopping, apply for a complimentary Be Heard Voice Breakthrough Session with me to discover what is stopping you and what your next steps are.

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